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through. we're investigating a homicide. somebody was killed. >> i immediately thought mike because i thought no one hated my sister. absolutely nobody. >> but the victim wasn't mike. it was joe's sister and it was up to detective sergeant donald steckman to make sense of the senseless. he'd been the investigator on duty when the hospital called that they'd had a woman come in with a single gunshot to the head. >> now we had a full-blown homicide. >> you know it's going to be a long night. >> yes. >> as the detective's team scoured the strip mall dumpsters for maybe a tossed weapon, clothing, something, he turned over the few facts he had so far. a woman with children gunned down execution style in the back of the little comic bookstore, police interviewed merchants and customers at the mall, had anyone seen anything out of the ordinary? it turned out tom and lenora ward did, the couple who had given barb first aid, and speeding car in front of the comic bookshop. and we both thought to ourselves, were the cars going too fast? >> later, they wondered if that was the getaway car, but a
moran and now we are open to public comments and mr. rose crans. >> mr. mike martial? . >> good afternoon, welcome to the commission mr. martial. >> thank you happy new year and my name is mike martial i'm the executive director of rich -- and i wanted to begin by articulating what we do because it was loss in the roont campaign about this issue we are here today bealso believe that everyone involved and the water system the hetch hetchy water system should have a say of the water improvements and i'm sorry this letter is late but which have we have it here we learned about this yesterday and we agree there should be a voice and this amendment is not the solution to this problem. and the reason is the city attorney is very clear that the voters of san francisco are the arrest orbiters arbitraries of the -- san francisco and it's on it's face value when you bhfer you take votes right away from certain conconstituentcy to none elected officials it problematic and secondly it can be open to litigation and the purpose of this is to protect focus it will counties and the taxpayers
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are still out of work. my next guest knows exactly how they feel. mike is a business owner who lost everything in 2008. i mean everything. now he's overcome that financial ruin and runs two businesses with revenues worth $50 million. congratulations. >> thank you. >> it's been a roller coaster ride. you've known tony for 17 years. and you've been up and down in that period of time. >> correct. >> tell me quickly the journey you've been on. >> i started off coming from a very challenging background, single mother, raised by a single mother. had no education. and really, no hope. and what i always say, i was lucky that i was put in front of an icon of empowerment. >> he is. every time i interview him, i feel empowered. >> that's true. what he is is an incredible educator. by the grace of the universe i was able to fall in the lap of this educator. he helped get me out of that place where i was, where there was no home. >> he was homeless at the time. what i love about mike's story, is mike just didn't help himself, he started a small business to start with. one of the young women who
't wall street on trial? mike papantonio, head of the national trial lawyers association is here to explain. good to have you with us folks, thanks for watching. the fight is on. the attempt to steal the next presidential election by stealing the electoral college are facing resistance, and the resistance is working. earlier today rnc chairman reince priebus was rewarded for his failures of the 2012 election by being reelected as head of the republican party. good news. priebus told republicans to start looking at a broader electoral map. >> it's time to stop looking at elections through the lenses of battleground states. we have four years until the next presidential election. and being a blue state is not a permanent diagnosis. >> reince priebus is on record saying the votes to favor republicans is something fully controlled red states ought to be looking at. he is talking about states president obama won, which are controlled by republican legislatures. former rnc chair haley barbour tried to downplay the scheme to rig the electoral college, but he admitted it could affect the
development of 1 hundred 20 units not south. i'd like to introduce our project architect mike who's part of a local team of architect designers and public art counsel sunsets. good afternoon commissioners, thank you. i'm mike the architect for the project. our projects is at the corner in the market neighborhood and as patrick mentioned there's a lot of pedestrian traffic here. there's many cautional institutions in this area. since guitar center vacuum indicated there's been a lot of homeless people in this area but this project will change that. it is clad with a big system out of a foreign country. we've got samples of the colors we're going to use. similar other systems have been used phone local apartments projects. we have a couple of accent colors. everything is clad with this material including the courtyard. here's some views of the building standing at howard. and this is a view standing on admission street at 10th with the mercy project in the for grounded as proposed. and a view along washburn street as proposed. and finally, the site today at washburn street this stretch of
there was no permit for this project. this also gives the castro club more time to add issues to their project. mike from the castro club are here to speak for the castro club. we've been met with respect for the whole project. for a second i'd like to talk about the actions and reacts. and these are the objections. one was about odor. we're going to run a shaft up on the roof and take the process to get rid of the odor. and another one was the noise. if you all think there shouldn't be a setback in the rear of the building but we'd like to do a sound study and submit it to the planning department to maintain the sound level at whatever the staff or commission feels important. i think the aren't patrons are going to have to keep their goods within the boundaries of the allowed space. and rear yard use and volume we'll address these issues. and staff has asked us to maintain a distance from the neighbors. and i know you were all paying attention to what tom said. and the area does not really effect the neighborhood and the rest of it is for the area above. the stairwell we're going taking out is goin
-0. mike neuvirth. first goal as a cap. washington is on the board. later in the period mike greene with the slap shot and it's saved and it's cleared out to mike greene who you see scores, again. you don't send the puck back to him. evens it up at 2-2 and we are headed to overtime. devils threatening and andy whi. devils win in o.t., 3-2 in o.t. is the final. >> ouch. >> you have to take the positives. the first question was, you know, we haven't played for 60 minutes. we did tonight. so, there is a lot of growing pains, if you will. the guys did their job. you want the win, but we did a lot of good things. >> taking the positives. >>> the washington wizards have won 10 of the last 11 against the spread. hot that means is that they're exceeding everyone's expectat n expectations lately. go to verizon center to show how they get it done. hope to take care of business versus his former team. coach the t' wolves from '307 to '08. adding to the score sheet two of his 14 points on the night. that one was pretty. wizards on top by nine. third quarter up big. a.j. price and finding beal
. mike cureo and thanks for being here and the construction trades and we have been working with you to get the folks trained over the years. it's a wonderful time, and the chairman -- and the chairman of our san francisco metropolitan transportation agency who has been a long time champion of public transit, a regular muni rider, someone who loves the city and has been at the forefront of not only a great transportation but has his head in our city and programs and wonderful services. please come on up. chairman tom nolan. [applause] >> leader pelosi asked me what is of going to say after reverend frong. i didn't have a chant rate for that. this is a great day for san francisco. this is a labor of love. we know the economic and transit values of this. as an agency we are committed and not only committed to bringing this fruition on time but under budget as well. is that good? and we will continue the vil against of all of our assets and focusing on the priority number one is safety. this day is possible because of so many people that did so much work here. senator leno is h
and rick and mike and bill. steve, who do unions have to blame for >> the public sector salaries are unaffordable . private sector, people are find figure you want real growth, you can't be strangle in the work rules. in chicago, unions made a few concessions because conventions are saying we'll not come and can't get anything done. >> there is a sense that the unions care more about the political power than jobs. look at what happened to boeing 747 and twinkies . american airlines. they went bankrupt. >> i will not deny that unions haven't played a roll in shooting themselves in the foot. they did to some deagree. you do find that 50 percent of it was due to anticollective bargaining agreements that we are seeing in the states . right to work legislation . these things are taking a toll. we are seeing the thing that is unions spent so many years fighting for is now codified as part of federal law. it is not over yet. california numbers are going up. >> emac. the fact is, a lot of right to work laws are hurting the unions and people are voting for them. they spent million in tryi
power. >> mike, thank you. so, mike, i think as you mentioned and tom and ruslyn bullying is often fueled by bias, whether that's racial, ethnic, religious, or against the lgbq community. amina, you said bias is often fueled by misinformation. >> certainly in the muslim community that's very obvious. since 9-11 that's increased but even before 9-11 there were so many stereotypes out there, whether from hollywood, which portrayed muslim as terrorists, as womanizers, to just a host of campaigns over the last few years from the ground zero mosque to the koran burning, local and national campaigns against building mosques, all of these are obviously going to impact children and their parents and if they are at home hearing their parents talk about muslims in a certain way, they are going to take that to school with them. i have experienced this in my own growing up, which was long before 9-11, just the lack of information or the misinformation i experienced again with my own children, particularly when there's an event that happens overseas they will come to school and kids will refle
. the latest effort is to get weapons off the streets. kron4 mike pelton joins us live from san mateo. >> the funds are limited so they can distribute it how much money you will receive based off of what you bring them. they're asking for you to bring your guns on loaded. they do want to place them in the trunk of your car. >> bryan stow, the giants fan who was severely beaten at a dodgers stadium game in 2011 is back in the hospital this morning suffering from life-threatening blood clots. stow's family says that he had a large blood clot in his legs that made its way to his pelvis. brian is now on powerful blood thinners, and doctors say that they're surprised if the clot did not kill him. stow is expected to be in the hospital through the weekend. >> 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree will not face sexual assault charges. the announcement came friday night from the san francisco district attorney's office. they say the police department's investigation is complete and that no charges will be filed against crabtree at this time. crabtree was accused of assault after an alleged in
. >> reporter: the president renominated him this week and senator mike crapo, one of 45 republican senators to opposed his nomination last year and, the senator said this week until key structure changes are made to the bureau to ensure accountability and transparency, i will continue my opposition to any nominee for director. confirmation hearings for deputy national security advisor john brennan to become cia director and former nebraska senator chuck hagel to become defense secretary could be bumpy. but, both men have been making rounds on capitol hill trying to convince senators they are capable of filling critical national security posts for the next four years. >> arthel: peter doocy, thank you very much. >> rick: budget negotiation, the number one topic in the republican weekly address. south dakota senator john thune talking about the importance of getting finances under control and, the need to change the government's spending habits. >> washington is addicted to spending your money. over the past four years, our country has added nearly $6 trillion to the national debt. at $16.4 t
of the negative experiences that he had, that mike had growing up, and use them to power forward and use them to build some amazing organizations and we all want people in this room to do something. but there are limitations, limitations to your organization's capacity it reach more people, to roll out your can urriculum and to get your programs in more places. can you talk a little bit about what they are and what people in this room can do to help? amina, you want to get us started? >> sure. in your packets you should have our program that we have locally in the bay area and we also have affiliated across the country in many areas. our dream would be to have a similar program to ours in every city in the united states. obviously that takes time, our speakers are volunteers, they aren't paid. it may take 4 or 5 hours to go into schools so resources are always an issue. many schools are afraid to invite speakers in to talk about any religion, but particularly islam, there's not always a clear understanding to what the first amendment guarantees, which is the right to teach about a religion
, captain mike redmond, we leave that the only one in the southern is 168 second street and two are withdrawn for extended hours. >> so we will call the one that is not been continued, we are just asking if you want to comment on the continued items. >> no. we are fine >> good. any member of the public that wants to comment on the continued items? seeing none we need a motion to continue item 6 h and 6 j. >> move to continue. >> i second. >> yes, so items 6 h and 6 j have been continued by the entertainment commission. so now we will go to 6 i. and that is 168 second street, extended hours permit application. nick? >> so, this description is going to fit for all three of these, but, even though they are in different locations. you may know subway is a fast food restaurant that specializes in sandwiches and would allow them to operate from two to six and here on forward everyone is asking for a permit to operate between 2 and 6. >> all right. >> okay. >> is the applicant here? welcome. >> my name is chirayu patel and i am here to get an approvement for 24-hour permit for three lo
of small ones, too. let's check in with our volunteers. they have been here all morning. mike, what's going on? what are people saying to you when you answer the phone? >> they are telling us how wonderful they think this cause is and how happy they are to donate to it today. a lot of people say they wish they could be here to plunge but they can't so they are helping out in the best way they can. >> and some people are making donations in honor or in memory of others. >> yes. we've gotten quite a few of those. >> to make a donation, you have to call this number. you can't text it, correct? >> right. you have to call here at the studio and we will be happy to take your call. >> right. we are not equipped to do this over the internet or take text donations. but thank you mike. they are hopped up on cheese danish and coffee. they have a lot of energy. they will be here until 10:00. 410-261-2300. you can stay warm but still help. more than 3,000 high schoolers are taking part in this year's polar bear plunge. in fact, they were so many of of the first people jump into the bay. on friday. tim t
program. >>> good morning everyone, welcome to mornings on 2, saturday january 26, i'm mike mibach. >> i'm claudine wong. let's check in with rosy chu with a quick look at your america forecast. >> yes, we are warm out there, into the afternoon you'll notice a cool down because we do have cooler weather beginning to move in. and this morning the bigger story may be that patchy dense fog out there. visibility down to a quarter mile, even in one of the local spots. i'll talk about that in just a moment. a mix of sun and clouds and isolated chance at maybe a sprinkle and we are going to be mainly dry. but cool conditions are expected. i'll detail this for you and showout temperatures coming up. >>> we're following developing news right now. a police chase that ended with the dramatic car crash in oakland just a few hours ago. six people rushed to the hospital as we just got word that one of the passengers, they have died. ktvu alex savage is live for us, including the man hunt underway right now. alex? >> reporter: police at this point are looking for the driver of the suv, but i also want
, i have mike peca, sports reporter for npr, tina, team doctor for the new york giants, and ta-nehisi back at the table as well. tina, what do we know now about the ricks of a career playing football and getting -- sustaining repeated head trauma? >> we know that football is a sport which lends itself to trauma, unfortunately, so we know we have to proceed with a lot of caution with these players who are so vulnerable to the effects of trauma. we know head trauma can cause concussion and we know concussion is a alteration in mental status which ka cause neurological symptoms and psychiatric symptoms as well. >> one of the things that i think is hard for us to track is when did we start to know this? how -- what is the time frame in which the risks have become clear and established by the literature, and where is the literature headed in terms of just what level of injury is acceptable risk? >> one is the short-term effects of concussion, which is concerning and the other is becoming increasingly present in today's world is the long-term effects of concussion and the long-term e
you and take it beyond where you thought it should go. >> why did mike nichols choose you? >> long answer or short answer. >> long answer. >> i mean you obviously had talent but why did he choose you? because redford was sort of the model if you listened to the description of what benjamin was. >> it's in the book. >> yes. >> six feet, blond hair, blue eyes, member of the track team, debating squad. >> none of that is you. >> none, none, none. boston, program im, you know. i think he tested redford. he tested a lot of people over a period of a year and a half or something. and he was scraping the bottom of the barrel by the time he got to me. i don't think he knew anything about me. people said i was in a play-off broadway that got very good reviews. and i don't think he saw it i think he was told about it. so he sent it to me to read. and i read the script. and then i went and got the book and i read the book. and had a panic atta. i thought y are they ying to ruin my career, which is just beginning now. you know because i'm starting to get parts, character parts, you know, and he
and there was a stabbing in city hall. >> abc 7 news has a team head together super bowl. former 49er mike shumann will be there. reporting alongside him will be larry beil and abc 7 news wayne freedman. tweegt updates on abc 7 news bay area, watch for our live reports beginning monday morning. tonight the alameda county sheriff's department is investigating an officer-involved shooting in dublin. a man call forward help just before 9:30 saying his son was acting strangely. investigators say the suspect rushed at him with a knife. police and neighbors say the suspect has a history of erratic behavior. >> it doesn't have to come to this. but it's not like it was unexpected. >> the suspect has assault history he also has a mental -- history. so that is what they're dealing with. >> the suspect is recovering from nonlife threatening wounds. >> scary moments for passenger as board a ac transit bus hit by stray bullets from a shooting in a nearby gas station. passengers showered with bits of glass. the windows shattered. >> police treated it like a real threat but a 911 call reporting an armed man near
-- i don't know where he is because i can't see anything with the lights. there he is. thank you mike for being with us. we will celebrate also in other cities. definitely i know that with your passion, your pride, and the support of the city and county of san francisco, of the state of california, and hopefully of the house of representatives we will be able to create new opportunities to be together and above all to have fun in celebrating the greatness of italian culture in the united states. thank you very much and enjoy with us. thank you. [applause] >> yeah. angela is asking me to mention that we're going to gather at 6:30 p.m. on montgomery street, 814 montgomery street. we will have jazz, opera, good slow food and opportunity for all of us to mingle and have a good time. i wonder if there is someone in the press that is following us if they want to ask questions? please. >> [inaudible] you mentioned sustainability. do you define italy as a green country and what do those efforts mean for san francisco. >> yes, definitely. i see that. i am happy while being in san franc
super bowl. former 49er mike shumann will be there sporting his own super bowl ring. wayne freedman and katie marzoulo will bring you the best coverage. we will be tweeting the behind the scenes update at abc7 news bay area. meteorologist sandhya patel is off tonight, but spencer christian is here with a look at our weekend forecast. >> we will start with live doppler hd. we do have high clouds and we don't have rain showing up on the radar at the moment. the temperatures are generally in the low to mid50s and it is relatively mild. it will be a partly to mostly cloudy night. there is a chance of an isolated shower or two. turning cooler tomorrow and the cool and dry pattern will last into next week. let's look at our projected overnight lows. notice the green in our viewing area. there is the better chance of a shower or two and then over the remainder of the bay area. for the most part we are saying not much chance of showers, but if they occur they will be up north. low temperatures in the midto upper 40s overnight. cooler in parts of the north bay where we may see low 40s. the s
wanted to stop by tonight and i am captain mike red man at southern station and i am the new captain and so i look forward to working with everybody in the next couple of years. officer chan has been working on an issue that we will discuss later but just some of the things that we appreciate your help in working with inspector vancall on the issues throughout southern and we will be working with the clubs and with vaj and so i look forward to that and we have already had helps with the commission and issues that have come up in the southern district and we have had meetings with these clubs and venues and put stimulations on them that have come from you and the police department and so i appreciate your help and i will leave a card for everyone, so whatever you need from southern, or you will have our full support and i look forward to working with you in the next couple of years. thank you. >> welcome. >> okay, any public comment on the police department's questions and comments? >> none. we will go to item number six. go to six a, john duggan dba original joe's 601 union, limited
initiatives. she began her career with the city by working for the sfmta in mr. mike burn's administration and now she returns, coming full circle, back to us after many years with the san francisco planning department where she served in a variety of administrative functions, most recently as the department's chief of staff. i would like it also to introduce another new member of the management team, who is returning home. a native san franciscan, who joined the sfmta family as communications director january 3rd. she is responsible strategic communications, media relations and marketing to help ensuring cohesive awareness and understanding of sfmta's role, services and commitment to serving the public and other key stakeholders. internal and external communications, community relationships and outreach, traditional and digital media will report to you. miss su comes to us from pfizer in new york city where she served as director of branded marketing and communications. i don't know what it is, but it sounds complicated. prior to pfizer she worked at warner lambert and chase manhattan b
of sftv mike freeman and jesse -- who record the meeting and make transcripts available online for members of the public. are there any announcements? >> city clerk: make sure all cell phones electronic devices are turned off and all materials submitted to the clerk. >> could you please call item 1. >> appointing one member ending october 19, once seat and one applicant. if we could have mr. bass? for all applicants today the format is similar would ask you to briefly go through your bio and your work history as it relates to this position and a little bit about what you hope to accomplish or prioritizes a member. for the eastern neighborhood citizens advisory committee. >> thank you so much. supervisor yee, like to see you here today. supervisor kim, thank you supervisor farrell thank you. -- again good afternoon my name is walker b ass.i am so pleased to be here is the nominee for the eastern neighborhood citizens advisory committee. i would like to thank supervisor cohen for her confidence in me and appreciate the chance to be with you to highlight a few of my qualifications. i have be
onnthe late &ppunishment... involving sand- 3sot - father mike orsi says: "... cerrainly i am disappointed in the election. the most pro death president we haveeever had." come backmovement...whhn we the annual march the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. for lifeetoddy ppcked unddeds of thousands of pro--ife demonstratoos onto the d.c. doug mckelway showw us why they say their message will sprrad even more in the neet ffe years yeaas p, republican nationallcommittee won a 2nd term......and arned - ggp leaders from around the -c elections again...... they muss update both message & apprh pprooccpriebus haa identified 2 major priorities--improve the gopps diiittl and ground campaign and conneet wiih minorities 2012 exit polls showwe demoorats won 93% of plack votes, 71% offthe hhspanic votessand 73% of asian votes. priebus says: "i thhnk you lose more voters by ttn
to us by mike, and he had about 9, 10, almost an inch of snow. right now we have a -- 22 right now at national. dew point 16. the winds out of the south, southwest at 7. the pressure is still falling at 30.14 inches of mercury. so, cumberland had 3 inches. maryland had half an inch. perserville, virginia, almost an inch. and martinsburg, west virginia, had an inch as well. leesburg half an inch and alexandria had half an inch as well. so temperatures, that's the key tonight. it's going to stay cold, still looking at slippery spots on the side roads. 19 in bethesda. 19 in arlington. this not windchills. 19 in fairfax. 21 in springfield. 18 at andrews. 19 up in laurel and 21 in annapolis. never got above 25 today. it was our third day with highs in the 20s. that has not happened since january of '09. this thing is just moving. about to clear the delmarva already. a couple flurries behind, but that's about it. except for, of course, our friends on the other side of the divide, where it will snow later on tonight and tomorrow with some lake effect snow. so, left over flurry possible.
, wow, duke wins by 20. mike has got it going over at gw. i tell you, it's foggy and foggy bottom, except for inside the gym. throw it down, big fella. gw beats charlotte by 28 today. they win big. all right, you may not have noticed, but virginia is in the thick of things in the acc. anybody going to guard mitchell? two of the easiest he'll ever have. the wide open 16-6 for him. a lot of wide open flushing today. joe harris to justin anderson for the finish. uva goes to 4-2. 65-51 over d.c. all right, 17 days until pitchers and catchers report. wow. do you believe that? 17 days. the way washington opens against miami, april 1 at home. want to know how stoked fans are? should give us an idea. cold weather saturday, every excuse not to go. fans win. look at this. a new red army here in washington, d.c. nats fans turned out in big numbers today at the convention center. including the mayer. how about that? the big news, the confirmation of the 5th president in the president's race. that's big ben, william howard taft officially joining george, abe, and teddy. taft threw out the firs
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